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Read the Following Before Submitting a Listing

First of all, thanks for being a part of the new and improved!  Our goal is to help students, friends, and fans find you more easily; and to foster greater connection and communication in our amazing community.  Your submission will be a part of making this site even more fabulous!  Just a few things to consider before you submit your listing. Click on each heading for more info.

Help us avoid duplication.

To avoid duplication, we appreciate you taking a moment to be certain your listing is not already posted to the calendar. If your current listing only needs minor updating, do not submit an entire new listing. Instead, please contact us by e-mail to notify us of any changes.

Listings will expire in one year.

To keep the calendar as updated as possible, unless an end date is indicated, any ongoing recurring listings (such as weekly classes or monthly venues) will expire one year from the date it is posted to the calendar. If you click on your listing, underneath the date you will see something like “REPEATS: Weekly on Monday until Jan 3, 2013”. If you wish to renew your recurring event beyond this date, we encourage you to set a calendar reminder to yourself for several weeks prior to this expiration date, then contact us to renew your listing for another year.  This is also an opportunity to make any changes which may need to be updated from the current details, so our community calendar stays as accurate as possible.

This site will not archive old event information, so we may periodically move through the database and remove outdated listings or expired recurring events for which we have not received a request to renew. This will keep the database running more quickly, and prevent students from accidentally pulling up misleading or outdated information.  Your current dance website should still be your primary web presence. Don’t have a website? We happen to know some very savvy people who can help hook you up with a site of your very own for very reasonable rates. Contact us!

Bellydance related listings only, please.

Please help us keep the premier place on the web for those seeking bellydance classes, performances and events in Washington State and Northern Oregon. We will happily post any and all bellydance related listings, including Middle Eastern dance, music, and fusion incorporating these as primary elements.

A general yoga class would not be appropriate, but a yoga class taught specifically for bellydancers and their needs would be appropriate.

A jazz workshop would not be appropriate, but a “How to fuse Fosse style jazz into bellydance” workshop would be a good fit.

If you are a bellydance teacher who also teaches or performs other disciplines (flamenco, Bollywood, Zumba!, etc), you are welcome to include your personal web page link in any and all bellydance listings, which will drive students to your site where they can learn about your other offerings. You are also welcome to make event announcements in the “Event Reminders” forum on “The Call Board”.

Accuracy and details are important.

Listings are read individually and then added by hand to retain consistency and clarity in the listings. Your effort to submit complete, accurate, and grammatically correct listings at the outset will assure your listing is posted as swiftly as possible. We do not always have time to correct any errors in spelling or information, so your attention to detail is strongly encouraged. We endeavor to post your listings as soon as possible after we receive your request, and appreciate your patience during higher volume times.

Thank you for your consideration. We truly appreciate your help in making the new website better than ever!


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