The Northwest is a highly active bellydance community with so much to offer.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and sort through all the options!  We have done our best to try to organize the listings so you can see the big picture, or filter your results and search for just what you are looking for.  We will continue to try and improve and simplify the way we organize the listings, and appreciate your feedback as we develop these features.

Here are some handy search tips!

Categories and Tags

These drop-down filter boxes are found at the upper right of the calendar.
incorporate two options:  Event Type and Event Topic.
Tags include regional distinctions to help narrow the geographical radius of your search.

You can toggle any choice on or off by clicking it, and you can clear all your choices by clicking on the X to the left of the drop-down boxes.


This drop-down box has options which include the type of event you’re looking for -OR- the primary topic of the event you’re looking for.  So you can click on “Nightclub/Cabaret” and the calendar will display only events that are in that category. Or if you click the “Workshops” category, you will see all the workshops displayed.

At this time, if you choose multiple options from the category drop-down, it will show you results for BOTH categories.  So if you choose “Drumming/Music” and “Classes” it will show you BOTH Drumming/Music events and anything categorized as Classes. To be clear, it will not filter to only “Drumming/Music Classes”–it will show you everything in both categories. We hope to improve this in the near future. But in the meantime, we have a solution:

If you do want to search more specifically, watch the color coding! You can click on “Drumming/Music”, then scan the results. Anything Purple in color is a Class, anything in Red is a Workshop, anything Green is a Performance, and so on. You can see which Event Type is which color in the drop-down; there is a little colored box next to each event type which is your key. Handy!


Tags are how we are organizing events by region.  Unlike clicking multiple category options, the tags WILL FILTER your results more precisely.  So if you are seeking classes only in Eastern Washington, toggle the “Classes” category and the “Eastern WA” tag, then the calendar will only display classes in that region.

Pulling it All Together

Let’s say you want to get really specific.  You want to find Folkloric workshops in Eastern Washington. You would choose the “Folkloric” category and the “Eastern WA” tag to filter by topic and region, and then scan the results to find rust colored listings, which is the color-code for workshops.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please visit the Contact Us page and get in touch!

-The Team