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NWBellydance.com Seeking Contributors

Are you interested in being a guest writer on NWBellydance.com? We are seeking contributors with strong writing skills and something to say about bellydance in Washington State and Northern Oregon.

Of particular interest are:

  • Honest, thoughtful reviews of local events and workshops
  • Dancer self-care and fitness
  • Tips and tricks on a variety of bellydance topics
  • Tutorials, such as costuming or make-up
  • Travelogues – if you travel to teach or perform, tell us stories about your adventures!

We welcome re-postings of bellydance topics from personal blogs as well. Any reblogged article will be posted in its entirety, and will include both a link to the original blog as well a short bio of the author (you). This is an opportunity to share some of your wisdom, knowledge, and experience with a wider community, and drive traffic back to your blog and/or website in the process.

The age of the original blog post is of no concern so long as the content is still relevant. This is an opportunity to dust off some older posts and offer them up for fresh appreciation!

If you wish to submit an article for reblogging on NWBellydance.com, please e-mail us with a link to the article(s) you wish to offer, and include a two to three line bio about yourself. Articles must be primarily original content written by you (it can include links or quotes from other online sources pertinent to the topic being discussed), and must speak to bellydancing and the bellydancer lifestyle*

*general health, fitness, and dance interest articles will also be considered so long as they are likely to be of interest to our primary readership and suits the general language and style of NWBellydance.com