Bellydance Ambush - Greenwood 2009Would you like to contribute some photos of yourself or your troupe? Photographers would you like to show us the great snaps you took at a recent event? We want to see them!

Photos from the galleries are pulling from our Flickr Group. By adding your photos to the group, it will automatically add your images to the gallery! Handy, right?

Adding Photos, Step-by-Step

If you are unclear about any step, click on it and reveal more info.

1. Read the Flickr Group Policies below.

2. Visit and log in or create a new account.

If you don’t know how to create a Flickr account, see this tutorial video

3. Add photos to your Photostream that you would like to share.

Add photos by clicking on “Upload” on the far right of the top menu on Flickr.

4. Join the Flickr Group.

Head to, agree to the policies, and join the group.

5. Add photos to the Group Pool and tag them.

Above the top row of photos in the Group Pool on Flickr you will see a link to “Add Photos”. Click on it and select the photos from your stream you would like to contribute to the Group Pool.

For more on tagging, see “Tagging Your Photos” below.

After Flickr has processed the new additions*, they will appear in the gallery!

Tagging Your Photos

From time to time, we may feature special galleries with photos from specific festivals or events, or of particular subjects.  You can help us create these galleries by tagging your photos with information about the subjects photographed.

Most important is to tag the photo with the term “nwbellydance” and the name of the event without any punctuation. For instance, Hasani’s Hafla photos should be tagged “hasanis hafla”, photos from Med Fest would be “med fest”, and so on.  If you aren’t sure how to tag your event, peruse the Group Pool to see if other people have already tagged photos from the same event, and follow their lead.

Other tags to consider:

  • the performer’s name or troupe’s name (“najma smith” or “dancers of the desert”)
  • the venue or location photo was taken at (“kasbah moroccan restaurant” or “spokane”)
  • props used in the photo (veil, sword, cane)
  • teachers, if the event was a recital for your students, consider including your name and/or your studio name as a tag

Don’t get too crazy, but basically the more specific detail you can provide, the easier we will have finding and categorizing your contributed images.


By adding photos to this group, you agree to allow these photos to be automatically streamed to in the form of galleries, blog posts, articles, and forums. Please do not upload any photos you don’t wish to share with the public via this community resource. Our goal is to create a central hub of imagery for our beautiful community, to make it easier to to share them on the community website.

PERMISSIONS AND PROTECTIONS does NOT claim any ownership of your photos in any way.

We value your privacy and your property. In general, photos uploaded to this group will be considered protected under Creative Commons. Do feel free to place a watermark on any images you wish, so long as they don’t obscure the image for everyone’s viewing enjoyment. When you remove your images from the Group, it will automatically be removed* from galleries on the website.

If a third party has added any of your personal photos to the group without your permission, please contact that person first to request any changes you wish up to and including removal of those photos.  If you don’t hear from them within two weeks, then contact us at and we will take steps to contact them, and reserve the right limit or ban any members who are not demonstrating respect for other members’ photo copyright.

At this time we do not have any sort of moderation or limit on number of submissions in a given time period. Our galleries will post images chronologically, so if you post 50 photos at once, your photos will dominate the photo feed, which wouldn’t be fair to other dancers and photographers who want their work seen. All we ask is that you use discretion and please use this photo Group respectfully so we don’t have to implement these measures. Consider a few favorite images you want to share most of all, rather than uploading every photo. Photographers, choose your favorite photos from a show rather than every image. Your images will link back to your albums if people wish to view your entire photosets.

Any questions, please direct them to [email protected] Thanks for contributing and participating!

*It can take Flickr anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to process changes made to the Group Pool and then distribute that information out to our site as an update. So please be patient when waiting on a change to take effect in the displayed gallery.