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West Seattle, belly-dance mecca: Festival next weekend, and more

July 12, 2011
You might assume those “skimpy” costumes are worn for the purpose of titillation, but all the women were adamant that belly dancing is not a dance of sexuality, but of strength and confidence. Adriene said, “(Belly dancing) feels very strong, (it’s about) taking ownership of the portrayal of your body.” Dina added, “It’s not sexual, but confident. You’re reaching out and creating a rapport with the audience. You just feel relaxed and beautiful.”

Puget Sound performers showcase belly dancing in ‘Hathor Unveiled’

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 by Michelle Shimp

March is National Women’s History Month — what better place to observe the occasion than a belly-dance show?

In “Hathor Unveiled,” named for the ancient Egyptian goddess of music and dance, dancers and teachers-turned-producers Suzanna Davis and Malia Mihailoff celebrate those who paved the way for Puget Sound’s vibrant belly-dance scene. (Didn’t know there was one? Search for classes online and prepare for a blown mind.)